Study Trips

Study trips to Triesdorf: to the HSWT and education center Triesdorf

The Team IMA-Triesdorfer is organizing study trips to Triesdorf for the students and staff of the partner universities.
The study trips to Triesdorf are mainly for educational, research and fact-finding purposes. Within  these professionally managed and translated educational journeys, students and lecturers from partner universities receive detailed informations about internships, study and agricultural research in Germany, Bavaria and of course at the HSWT.

Depending on the target group, participants are attending courses and seminars at the HSWT as well as at the schools of animal husbandry, crop production and agricultural machinery at the education center Triesdorf. Visits to the agricultural production, processing and training companies are a further important part of study trips to Triesdorf.

The time table and itinerary of the study tour is compiled separately for each partner university and target group.

Click on the link for a sample itinerary of the study tour to Triesdorf:
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For more information please contact to Dr. A. Aristakesyan 

Pictures of study trips to Triesdorf



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