Research project "Agriculture and nutrition in international competition" at the faculty of agriculture at the University for applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT)

The project management initiates a common research and data collection with the partner universities of the IMA community. The data collection can be used by every partner on equal terms.


Accumulation of a data collection of  basic agricultural data for research and studies with a special focus on the economy of agricultural production in the partnering countries.


  • Compilation of a data collection of agricultural production processes at a regional level from each location in the partner countries
  • Efficiency comparisons of production methods at the different locations with analyses of critical points
  • Representation of the economic parameters of agribusiness in the partner countries
  • Implementation of SWOT- and cost-benefit analyses, in cooperation or individually
  • Publication, preparation and application of the project management´s research results


  • 2022- Plant production
  • 2023- Animal production
  • 2024- Energy production (regenerative energy)

Definition of three typical methods of cereal production in the region of the partner universities (technology, intensity, soils, types of grain, yield, production costs…).
Representation of the basic economic and environmental conditions: agricultural subsidies, external and internal logistic position, distribution channels.


Full-,  partial- and marginal cost accounting from the teaching modules of agricultural economics. All analyses are conducted using the equal method to ensure the best possible comparability.

Scientists from the universities and students of the master study courses (Ph.D., seminars, projects)

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. R. Schlauderer,  Prof. Dr. J. Holzner
Dr. A. Aristakesyan,  Ch. Schuh,  T. Dengler


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